About The Spine and Pain Center of Kauai Founder Eric Grigsby

How a lifelong commitment to pain management brought Dr. Eric Grigsby to establish The Spine and Pain Center of Kauai clinic

A simple vacation to Kauai quickly turned into so much more for renowned pain specialist Eric Grigsby and his family.

Grigsby and his wife saw a need in the Kauai community for a medical clinic specializing in holistic pain management for patients on all ends of the pain spectrum — a need that, unfortunately, had never before been met in the beautiful, remote community.

As they got to know the medical community on Kauai, including local doctors and even the CEO of Wilcox Hospital, Grigsby and his wife were able to better understand the Kauai community’s needs.

They developed a plan to contribute to the medical community on the island—a plan that, over the course of three years, became The Spine and Pain Center of Kauai.

The Spine and Pain Center of Kauai was established as a community service-oriented clinic focused on offering specialized medical treatment to locals on the island, something that was previously nonexistent within the community.

And, because Kauai is far removed from the “big island” of Hawaii, and even further removed from the continental U.S., it is cost-prohibitive and physically difficult for patients suffering from severe chronic pain to afford to travel for proper treatment or sit on a plane for many hours during the trip.

Grigsby’s clinic brought his decades of experience in pain management to the community, allowing patients whose needs were previously unmet (or worse, ignored) to be met with a holistic, long-term care strategy. The most advanced treatments and technologies available, as were a compassionate and empathetic approach.

The need in the community was large; Grigsby and his clinic treated around 1,000 patients within the first 14 months of its opening. During the first year, Grigsby split his time evenly between Kauai and his home in Napa, California to ensure the success of the new clinic.

The Spine and Pain Center of Kauai is far from Grigsby’s first pain management venture. A leading voice in the conversation around safe, effective pain management for patients in the US and abroad, Grigsby has a family of clinics, research organizations, and philanthropies aimed at advancing knowledge about pain medicine and improving patient outcomes around the globe.

From a prestigious educational career—Brown University, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, Fuqua School of Business at Duke University—to an even more impressive medical career, Grigsby has achieved his goal one patient and one innovation at a time.

In the early 1990s, Grigsby was invited by the Dean to establish the first-ever pain center at University of California, Davis. Grigsby also helped to write the first safe prescribing guidelines for the Medical Board of the State of California.

More than 25 years ago, he established the Napa Pain Institute, now one of the leading pain management clinics in the nation.

Through HealthRoots, Grigsby’s philanthropy focused on global health, and Neurovations, his clinical and research organization, he is able to further expand his reach and advance health opportunities for patients around the world.  

From his flagship practice, the Napa Pain Institute, to The Spine and Pain Center of Kauai, Grigsby has had a positive impact on pain patients, the field of pain management, and on global health more broadly — truly providing the best care for every patient, every day.